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Some questions don’t have answers. But Christian leaders have kept you from many of the answers they do have. In this book, Jamin reveals the answers you never received, explores the questions you never thought to ask, and invites clarification from anyone who can refute a single one of these troubling realizations about the church, the spirit realm, the Bible, Jesus, and the Christian life.
A seminary graduate, pastor’s kid, and true believer, Jamin spent his first 40 years as a Bible scholar, theologian, worship pastor, national children’s speaker, and Christian educator. But the inconsistencies and discoveries mounted too high, and now he is listing the doubts and truths that pastors aren’t supposed to admit they have – the uncomfortable truths that your spiritual authorities consciously ignore, oversimplify, and lie about, supposedly for your own good…even though your own, good, Christian life might exist just outside the Christian life you were taught.

What the readers say:

“Thank you for validating my concerns and helping me know I’m not crazy.”

“This is the red pill in the Christian Matrix.”

“These ideas will change your life. The institutional church is doomed.”