As dire as you think the condition of the American church is: I assure you, it’s exponentially worse:

I know exactly zero people outside your church who secretly want to get in.

And yet I know scores of church-goers in your congregations with secret, growing doubts, who will soon join the hoard of former members who slink out your back door each week, never to return, and never telling you why.

I can tell you why.

The reasons are not what you think.

It’s plain to see that the congregations that stay the course will continue to be left disoriented and disgruntled, impotent and insolvent.

The solution is to stop making irrelevant cosmetic changes and address the deep, ignored concerns of exiting members.


Jamin Coller, author of If I’m Really Honest, is a seminary graduate and pastor’s kid who spent his first 40 years as a Bible scholar, theologian, worship pastor, Christian educator, and national children’s speaker. Now, having spent years deeply embedded in the exvangelical community, he consults with church leaders to bridge the gap between the endangered Christian institutionalists and those he calls “pre-former-members.”

What the beta readers say:

“Hauntingly accurate and devastatingly relatable..”
“I’ve never heard someone more opposed to the Christian institution and still rooting so hard for it as Jamin is…the church will either truly receive this message, or we are doomed.”
“Thank you for giving voice to us former members. I feel heard and seen.”

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