Finding God Despite Religion


All who seek shall find.


Long Story Short…ish

One thing Christians and atheists can agree on is that Jesus was not a fan of any of the established religions of His time. I am not Jesus, and I do not speak or judge as his prophet.  But I do think He leaves the door wide open for criticism of religion.  I have no reason to believe that if He came back today, He would look around, satisfied, and think,

Nice!  It took them a while, but they finally pretty much got it right!” 

If Jesus was trying to teach anything by example, it surely was that:

* Opposition to religious teaching is not opposition to God’s message.

* Opposition to religious protocol is not opposition to important tradition.

* Opposition to religious leadership is not opposition to God.

* Opposition to the established religion is not blasphemous.

And most of all, He demonstrated that He is so much more moved by the seekers than the finders.  There is an infinite Depth to explore. Anyone who is settled…has settled.

He was never angry at the sinners. His anger was always directed at those who did not think they were sinners.  He had patience for the doubters, and no patience for the confident.  He had grace for the whores, but hilariously unattainable standards for their accusers.

I am not opposed to God or His people or even the holy books that men compiled after Jesus’s exit. But this is not a blog about all the great things religion has done (though I believe there are many).  Nor is it an attempt to attack religion or reform the church.  It is a place for me to practice distinguishing truth from tradition, and to heal from the places religion has been used to hurt.

I am not smart enough to have the right answers.  But I am person enough to have a story, and I am curious enough to explore.  These are my stories. This is my journey.  Thank you for being here with me.  I think you are beautiful.

My Story

Finding God Despite Religion is where I focus on my spiritual journey, writing honestly to a present and past version of myself, propelling myself…forward, perhaps?  But to read more about my  emmeshed family/church of origin, you’re looking for:

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